L.A. Dinner…

Options for an L.A. Sushi dinner..
(One of my gorgeous girlfriends is quite particular about what her company wears – as she has every right to be)
…so I turn to my famous buddy, M. Bay, and say, “so…did you also find the animation in Avatar a distraction to the forbidden love story?”


I adore the simplicity of these cards.
I thought of my beautiful friend, Bridget, after seeing a bright yellow card with a gentle reminder to: “Shine”.

Rare Antique Buttons…

Wishing for a new suit, but too smart to spend hundreds of dollars?  Ideas:

1.  add beautiful one-of-a-kind buttons to your existing suits.  (i.e. these antique brass buttons are beautiful agains a simple navy jacket)
2.  No time to hunt for vintage buttons?  Got bad taste?  We can help…info@myprettypinkponies.com