Interior styles (images)

Having a pleasing environment makes a big difference in mood, health and effectiveness.
 As far as existing in a beautiful environment that makes us feel beautiful and happy, below are some examples of reading corners and home office spaces we love.

Work (img)


work by prettypinkponies featuring engraved bracelets

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(my studying material…)

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Closet Essentials – "business casual" (images)

(retail and corporations refer to this as “business casual”) shirt, casual bottoms, flats, bag
“Business Casual”:
What a ‘worker’ wears in an office setting and other professional environments – vs. workers at a construction site – when formality isn’t required etc..
1.  basic white button up + closed toe pumps 2.  the sheath dress 3.  khakis + dark closed-to pumps 4. blouse + pencil skirt 5. separates  6. basic white shirt + solid black A-Line skirt
Your boss might appreciate your new Bottega Veneta bag, however, he/she cares more about how well you do your job and whether or not you can identify and respect office culture.  While some might have the luxury of expressing their unique individuality (including taking their pets to the office) at their workplace, many people start at an entry-level position in a large, secure company for health benefits, a steady stream of income, mobility and other smart reasons.  I can’t speak for all offices around the world, however, there’s a universal guideline to what is considered an “appropriate” and professional wardrobe.  Again, it would be prudent to start with basics and observe your particular company and office culture and deviate from the basics once you’ve learned what is ‘acceptable’ at your particular office.  Once you’ve got the basics down and earned a stripe or two, then perhaps you can add some “flair”.  When you’re at the top, you can wear and make people wear whatever you want.  Here are some common sense considerations that A LOT of professionals are too smart/busy/ lazy to think about:
  • fit, proportion, fabric, color(s)
  • clean?
  • stains?
  • wrinkled?
  • distracting?
  • comfortable?
  • appropriate undergarments?
represent your maturity, respect and professionalism at the office.  dressing like like you know your industry will set the tone for yourself as well as those around you.  carpe diem!
(to be continued…)
“Closet Essentials” Series:  Intro > Part. I checklist > Part II. / checklist > Part III. / checklist

Victoria’s Secret

dolce & gabbana sale

Beverly Hills Store
Sale starts Wednesday, 5/25
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Jimmy Choo at a discount: £550 million (article)

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Labelux to Buy Jimmy Choo 

Upscale shoe-maker Jimmy Choo is being sold to German luxury-goods company Labelux, the latest deal in a flurry of luxury-goods acquisitions as the industry rebounds from the economic crisis.
Labelux, a small holding company that already owns the Swiss shoe brand Bally, said it is buying the iconic stiletto label from TowerBrook Capital. Financial details weren’t disclosed, but earlier reports suggested Jimmy Choo was valued at £400 million to £550 million ($650 million to $895 million).
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Friday Outfit (img)

What she wore on Friday…


Friday by prettypinkponies featuring short sleeve dresses

Thursday (img)

Thursday’s outfit


Thursday by prettypinkponies featuring a pencil skirt

Wednesday – Grace Kelly (img)

What she wore on Wednesday…


wednesday by prettypinkponies featuring clutch handbags

Tuesday Outfit (img)

Perfect suit separates to wear late summer/early fall


Tuesday by prettypinkponies featuring suede heels



This post is to thank everyone who has supported, visited, advised, encouraged and provided their time to visit the prettypinkponies blog and site.  You are wonderful!!!

As of today (the blog’s one month anniversary), blog traffic reached its 2,099th mark; 1,000 of which was from this past week.  The rate at which traffic flows to our blog is exponentially increasing, so thanks especially to those who mentioned the blog to their friends.  Visits came from all over the world: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Luxemberg, Italy, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Austria…  The stats indicate that ‘office furnishings’, ‘closet checklist’, and ‘adding to basics’ were the more popular posts.  Eventually, we hope to get an understanding of what content visitors find most useful, entertaining, worthwhile, etc…and focus on connecting and gathering the information from our trusted friends and advisors to provide our readers with valid information they will find useful in their everyday lives.

Needless to say, this is a learning experience for all involved and it’s pretty interesting to experience the blogging ‘world’ and the capacity to connect with people everywhere.  The web is such an amazingly dynamic tool, yet its potential and value intangible; it can hardly be defined, it is constantly evolving, and its qualities and influence are shaped by us all.  We look forward to growing with all of you…perhaps, eventually, we will all help one another reach the point Maslow refers to as “Self-actualization”.  At that point, it will no longer matter what anyone wears.  Till then, we ask that you continue to visit, comment and share.  prettyplease.

Thanks, again, everyone.  Rock on.



orange you glad it’s summer?

orange you glad it's summer?
what other color bright enough to compete with the glare of the hot sun?

what other color so perfect with white, neutrals and deep brown sandals??

orange you glad it’s summer? by prettypinkponies featuring metal shades

outfit by ‘fashionqueen76’

outfit by ‘alteregoo’

romantic pallette

Wait!!! Read this before splurging on that designer dress… (images)

Is that new dress worth the splurge?  Let’s see how much cheaper it would cost to try and re-create the same designer look:

While we can appreciate the craftsmanship of a designer dress, sometimes, it truly makes very little difference in presentation whether or not what you’re wearing costs over 3x as much as a much similar ensemble.
The few times high-cost in designer clothing can be worth the price you’re paying:
1)  The quality of fabric – cashmere, silk, leather, etc…
2)  Service – does the store offer great service (alterations?  selection?  appointment with qualified and informed stylists?  extensive knowledge on what makes the product unique?  etc…)?
3)  Shoes – Poorly made shoes are just plain bad for you.  They’re uncomfortable, they need to be replaced more often than well-made shoes, and they affect the “spring in your step”.
The key thing to remember is that THE WOMAN MAKES THE CLOTHES.  In the end, it’s YOU who dictates your presentation, not the cost of the garment.
(Sources:  experience shopping and buying too many clothes, experience working in clothing stores, pageant-training, conversations with salespeople, etc…)

Kate spade sample sale,default,pg.html

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People profile: Faiza Seth, successfully fashionable (img)

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Courtesy of Faiza Seth
Faiza Seth in a pair of Christian Louboutins.
Faiza Seth is not your usual CEO.  She has flowing black hair, 40+ pairs of Louboutins and she frequently shares beauty secrets in fashion magazines.

But the Hyderabad-born executive has more to her than meets the eye: After a stint at Lehman Brothers in Hong Kong and obtaining an MBA from Stanford University, Ms. Seth, 33, moved to London where she set up her own business, the architecture and luxury interior design firm Casa Forma in 2007.
Ms. Seth spoke to India Real Time about the Indian market for high-end interior design, shared tips for young female entrepreneurs and explained how beauty and business don’t always go well together.  Edited excerpts.
IRT: What made you decide to expand in India?
Ms. Seth: I am Indian so I can understand the country culturally, it is easier for me to work here than in the rest of the BRICs. My family is based in Delhi so I have a network to start off with that I don’t have in Brazil, Russia or China. Also I find people in India have been exposed to global design and trends. Here there is a demand for an international design aesthetic which offers high quality, bespoke design, luxury, and value.
IRT: How does India’s luxury market compares to London’s?
Ms. Seth: In London there is a high demand for property. There, I get requests like crazy for second homes from clients in Russia, China, the Middle East and India. The Indian market is a little bit more price sensitive. At the same time it’s hard to differentiate between locations because people who want that service want the highest quality no matter where they are.
IRT: How are you adapting your design concept to the Indian market?
Ms. Seth: The broader concept is a global design aesthetic. But we have to adapt our designs to make them more doable in India: We have to take into consideration environmental factors like weather and dust. For instance, you can’t use light colors in Delhi because they will be very hard to maintain with the dust and pollution. We pick darker shades.
IRT: What is the design concept behind the New Delhi showhouse?
Ms. Seth: It’s basically modern colonial with some Art Deco and contemporary influences. This includes high ceilings, dark woods like mahogany, marbles and antique doors.
IRT: What tips do you have for young female entrepreneurs in India?
Ms. Seth: Young women need to follow their passion and do what they enjoy … this ensures the greatest probability of success. It is critical that young women entrepreneurs get outside work experience in a large professional set up to bring in discipline, work ethic. Finally women entrepreneurs should start small with low costs and build their businesses up step by step.
IRT: What are the main challenges of doing business in India?
Ms. Seth: Doing business successfully in India can be challenging because of the lack of infrastructure and inertia in the approval processes. Therefore it is crucial to have a strong compliance person who can help manage the environment and ensures adherence to local laws.
IRT: You never leave your house without…?
Ms. Seth: My Blackberry, which is my lifeline to Casa Forma. It’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I sleep.
IRT: Can beauty be a disadvantage in a business environment?
Ms. Seth: Beauty can sometimes be a disadvantage in business because people tend to think beauty and intelligence are often mutually exclusive. However, good educational and professional qualifications can often mitigate this stereotype.

(source: Copyright 2008 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

post-recession shopping

think luxury brands and the affluent aren’t influenced by tough times?  a recent survey of consumer behavior compares affluent shoppers in 2010 vs. 2011:

orange you glad it’s summer?

prettypinkponies: Closet Essentials – Part I.

prettypinkponies: Closet Essentials – Part I.

prettypinkponies: Closet Essentials – Part I. Checklist

prettypinkponies: Closet Essentials – Part I. Checklist

on sale

visit sale
on sale here
kenneth cole sale

    sales ends tomorrow..

l.f. sale!

see you on larchmont boulevard!!!

open-heartedness: fiercely stylish

re-post: loehmann’s coupon

prettypinkponies: loehmann’s coupon

anti-consumerism logo (images)

fashionable tops with subversive chanel logo (melted chanel logo):

contact us for more information:  info @

l.a. art initiative

featuring miss kara tanaka

artists are featured at the rema hort mann foundation at the ‘los angeles initiative’ this may 2011.  the beautiful los angeles crowd stare, ponder and philosophical-poetic with one another…as prettypinkponies contemplates their footwear.

click link for more info

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