Closet NON-essentials (images)

I’m making a list of items to include on my “Vision Board” (Popularized by ‘The Secret’  via Oprah Winfrey). 

Do I believe in the law of attraction?  I don’t know.  I did this exercise not to elevate my spiritual practice but, rather, to motivate myself to “success”.  Here’s a link about the connection between visualization and success.  (Also, there are just tons of really neat gadgets and cute accessories out in the market currently.  It’s hard to save for an iPad when Oliver People’s continues to design the cutest sunglasses.)

I didn’t let “reality” get in the way of my list.  I listed everything I wish to have without the limitations of only having “three wishes”, “a million dollars”, or any other annoying things to consider.  I’m not negotiating with a genie here, I’m trying to motivate myself!

Here are some awesome things that are on my visualization board/wish list (this month):

1.  A new MacBook

image by
2.  Donna Karan Wrap Dress (Spring 2011)


3.  Michele Jelly Bean Watches

4.  Boots

perfect for the office during Fall/Winter
to be continued…(obviously)


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“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” — Epictetus

Closet Essentials – Part II. Checklist (images)

(retail and corporations refer to this as “business casual”) shirt, casual bottoms, flats, bag
“Business Casual”:
What a ‘worker’ wears in an office setting and other professional environments – vs. workers at a construction site – when formality isn’t required etc..
1.  basic white button up + closed toe pumps 2.  the sheath dress 3.  khakis + dark closed-to pumps 4. blouse + pencil skirt 5. separates  6. basic white shirt + solid black A-Line skirt
Your boss might appreciate your new Bottega Veneta bag, however, he/she cares more about how well you do your job and whether or not you can identify and respect office culture.  While some might have the luxury of expressing their unique individuality (including taking their pets to the office) at their workplace, many people start at an entry-level position in a large, secure company for health benefits, a steady stream of income, mobility and other smart reasons.  I can’t speak for all offices around the world, however, there’s a universal guideline to what is considered an “appropriate” and professional wardrobe.  Again, it would be prudent to start with basics and observe your particular company and office culture and deviate from the basics once you’ve learned what is ‘acceptable’ at your particular office.  Once you’ve got the basics down and earned a stripe or two, then perhaps you can add some “flair”.  When you’re at the top, you can wear and make people wear whatever you want.

Here are some common sense considerations that A LOT of professionals are too smart/busy/ lazy to think about:
  • fit, proportion, fabric, color(s)
  • clean?
  • stains?
  • wrinkled?
  • distracting?
  • comfortable?
  • appropriate undergarments?
represent your maturity, respect and professionalism at the office.  dressing like like you know your industry will set the tone for yourself as well as those around you.  carpe diem!
(to be continued…)
“Closet Essentials” Series:  Intro > Part. I checklist > Part II. / checklist > Part III. / checklist

Closet Essentials – Part II. (images)

(…continues from Closet Essentials – Part I.)

Part II.  Safety Needs per Maslow

Let’s put “safety needs” in a more accessible context.  Who protects us, provides us with law and order, and decides what we can and can’t do in society if we don’t want to be imprisoned (“limits”)?  Yes…the state.  What does this governing body expect in return?  Responsible citizenship.  What does that mean?  It means we have to hold jobs and pay taxes.  
Now, how do we hold a job?  In other words, what will we wear to work from 9-5 in a typical entry-level position within a corporation?  “Part II.” provides insight to a category is referred to as “business casual” (note:  this is for a hypothetical setting in a generic corporation — yes, I understand creative fields, etc…have different dress codes).

Part II.  The Professional
Objective:  fit into the company’s culture without offending one’s boss and being seen as a professional.  That’s the only image we need at the office:  a professional.  Your goal is to impress your boss with the great job you’re doing.  Anything other motivations are irrelevant and will have to be dropped.

Tools:  company uniform, closed-toe shoes, nothing distracting and nothing that invites attention that delineates us from our job duty.

I know this doesn’t sound like the glamorous vision we had in mind as freshmen in college and we all thought we would wear fancy couture to the office everyday a la “Devil Wears Prada”, however, there are plenty other occasions where you can wear your sexy and flashy outfits.  And, if your priority is to keep your job (vs. become the office homecoming queen), then we must observe and follow guidelines.  (Read:  you are not Carrie Bradshaw and there are no paparazzi in the office for whom you need wear your vintage Halston dress.

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Hot tall boots @Burberry on Twitpic

Hot tall boots @Burberry on Twitpic

Closet Essentials – Part I. Checklist (images)

Checklist/tools: (retail refers to this as “basics”) shirt, casual bottoms, flats, bags, etc…

“The Shirt”:
Tees, knits, button-ups, etc..

I’m not at all trying to dissuade you from justifying wearing your ten-year-old concert shirt/free-when-you-sign-up-for-a-credit-card-shirt/inappropriate-cartoon-you-got-as-a-gift-shirt/raggedy juicy couture sweats/etc… with the old excuse of being “economical”/making use of all your resources effectively…My point simply is that irrespective of your preferences and style — whether you’re miss hot-to-trot super-duper-model or too-deep-to-follow-fashion’s “rules” — have a ‘basic shirt’ as a default when having to be seen in public. 

skirt, khakis, denim, cargo, etc… 
There are no rules.  However, there are guidelines.  From most relevant to least, when taking care of business around town, some things to consider when choosing bottoms:  
  • Are they clean?
  • Do they fit me well?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Are they washable/easy to maintain?
  • Will they coordinate with > 75% of my tops?

Let this be a guideline from which to deviate your outfits.  Show respect for the people with whom you’ll interact while demonstrating maturity by being well ‘put-togeter’ (whatever this looks like according to your perosnal style).  If you run into your clients, employer, colleagues, highschool sweetheart, next weekend’s date…would you be embarrassed in what you’re in? 

(to be continued…)
“Closet Essentials” Series:  Intro > Part. I checklist > Part II. / checklist > Part III. / checklist

Closet Essentials – Part I. (img)

Part I.  Basic Needs (per Maslow)

In current vernacular, “basic needs” means things we have no option to say ‘no’ to (i.e. paying utility bills, rent/mortgage, visiting the bank, feeding our children, buying cat litter & doggie treats, post office, grocery store, et cetera…).  So to tie this tenuously with fashion, “Part I.” discusses what to wear when ‘out and about running errands’. 

Part I.  Running Errands
Objective:  get things done comfortably, without getting bothered by unnecessary attention, altercations, or other time-wasters…
Tools:  basic inoffensive clothing, flat shoes, container for documents, phone, car keys, etc…
(I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly find running errands the highlight of my week.  While looking good is essential, looking like you’re desperate for a date or like you just rolled out of bed yesterday and are new to society’s basic expectations of decent public decorum will probably take you off track to getting things done as quickly as possible and getting home to get ready for an actual date.)

(continues in “Part I. checklist)

40% Off Ann Taylor

Need suits? Work clothes?
Enjoy 40% Ann Taylor Online (expires tonight)

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Closet Essentials – Intro (images)

Our closets reflect our identity, our desired identity and the rites of passage we’ve crossed.  They know who we truly are, who we’ve been, and who we desire to become.  Looking in a person’s closet can tell a lot about how much a person has grown and how they’ve developed in a span of time.

With that in mind, our closets often times store items we no longer need, items others will benefit more from, yet lack essential items of dress which are essential to our current lives…

There have been many theories on “what every girl’s closet should have”…from Rachel Zoe, to Nina Garcia. 

The series of posts in this category, “fashion – closet essentials” will help identify what items of wear are essential based on Maslow’s theory of basic human needs (please google this if unfamiliar).  Read on.

“Closet Essentials” Series:  Intro > Part. I checklist > Part II. / checklist > Part III. / checklist

“Closet Essentials” Series:  Intro > Part. I checklist > Part II. / checklist > Part III. / checklist

If the Shoe Fits… (img)

Things to consider when buying a pair of heels to avoid walking like rookie:

Shoe by Oscar De La Renta (2011)
Like buying a bra, knowing your size isn’t enough…you must try the product on to ensure proper and comfortable fit.  The risk of being uncomfortable and being unable to return a worn shoe is worth avoiding.
basic shoe anatomy:
Heel Cup
Padding/Arch Support
Straps (occasional)
The Sole
The Heel
The Decoration

healthy reminder:

Don't forget to do some yoga stretches and a bit of walking during your nine-to-five this week! Work is no excuse to be out of shape.
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the sexy ‘santa monica stairs’ (img)

When we think of ideal physiques, we find healthy, strong, fit and flexible types to be best.  It’s important that one is able to move, dance, hold our friends and loved ones tightly and possess the energy to power-through tough days.

OUR PLAN:  Achieve an athletic and graceful dancer’s physique (a la Sophia Boutella)

Dancers seem to have the perfect combination of fluidity, grace and strength.  To appear graceful in one’s clothes yet feel confident and able to pack a mighty punch gives a girl a sort of edge noticeable in her walk.



Realistically, our vision requires that we stop blogging right now, go outside and play in the beautiful summer weather until we feel absolutely great.  It’s free…It’s lovely…And, it’s fun!

See you out there!
note:  John Mayer not included

members:  view .pdf file of workout here.

Fred Leighton Jewelry Mogul Imprisoned (images)

Former-chairman of celebrity favorite jeweler imprisoned for bankruptcy fraud.

Ralph Esmerian, the one-time chairman of jeweler Fred Leighton, has been sentenced to six years in prison. 

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women & teamwork…

“…All of the women entrepreneurs I’ve studied
embrace teamwork and absolutely depend on it to run their
organizations. But more importantly, they know that in order to ignite
the creative spark that gets teams to produce value, they must build a
culture and value system that treats the individual with respect.

This means not blindly applying rules to all in an equal, unbending
and algorithmic fashion. It means focusing on removing barriers to
effective communication. It means recognizing people have lives outside
of work and allowing them the flexibility to manage both worlds – often
one in the context of the other. It means expecting each person to
produce results above and beyond what he or she thinks is possible. It
means creating an organization that respects and celebrates differences
in people and leveraging those differences to achieve a superior product
or service. It means hiring primarily for “cultural fit” rather than
skills, which can be trained. And it means being the humble, emotionally intelligent leader who is not afraid to get her or his hands dirty in the trenches….”

A recent article presents the ways in which men and women view teamwork vs. individual stardom.  The article also highlights the differences between the value added by one stellar individual vs. an effective, albeit, mediocre team…

Digital LA Event (tweets)

It’s important to understand how technology (“digitization”) – rapidly – shapes our immediate future, the way we obtain information as well as the way we — as users/consumers — are considered in how content is created, distributed and accessed.

It’s important to understand how technology (“digitization”) – rapidly – shapes our immediate future, the way we obtain information as well as the way we — as users/consumers — are considered in how content is created, distributed and accessed.

We listen to leaders in publishing and creative arts discuss how technology affects their specific roles and industries at a Digital LA event (Thanks, Kevin Winston!). 

Visit our tweets to follow and watch the event:  @prpinkponies (#digitallacomics)
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Just another day in Corporate LA

Happy Monday, everybody!!!
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Toughing it out..(image)


@meltdowncomics @prpinkponies @digitalLA

Headline: Blogging researcher faces puppies, children, child-like adults, comic books, artists, toys, creative and interesting people in the coolest industries in L.A. … Surprisingly, she survived the ‘ordeal’ (but, only barely).

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Friends & Family discount

Stylish sheath and summer dresses (Donna Ricco)
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Blogging vs.

…social life
As I sit in this overly air conditioned Peets’ on Sunset Boulevard and Larrabee Street after over three hours of searching the city for a quiet, not so “scene-y” spot to read, write and research, I get blasted with 30+ text messages from a girlfriend who just got into a fight with her boyfriend (my Blackberry can’t keep up with the incoming texts):
her:  let’s get waffles on sunset girl
her:  I’m on a realll breakup this time
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …
her:  …no food…
her:  no more boys who droll.  Over us and put us on petals only till they get u and somthing else pretyy walk by (read: no more boys who drool over us, put us on pedestals – – but only until they feel like they have you, then treat you differently when another pretty girl walks by)
(this continues and I remain lost in her stream of thoughts @ 100 mi/min)
her:  the waffles are amazing
her:  i did u a favor
her:  come with me
her:  let’s do itttt
her:  i’m beggin you
her:  seunset and vine
her:  i need ur face
(did I miss someting?)
me:  dude…what time?
her:  now?  he’s awful…
I’m stuck between a glass of a tall iced latte, a printout of my personalized Peet’s Coffee internet passcode, three heavy bags of books, paper, junk…and I don’t know what to do.  It’s 5pm, and I need to schedule a couple of posts for the week and get to bed by 8:30pm…Meanwhile, I’ve skipped out on the gym, returning phone calls, doing laundry, getting gas, transferring funds into my checking account, calling my mom, picking up my glasses, and I’m sure a lot of other important tasks.
me:  stop.
me:  stop texting.  I will call you.
me:  I’d like you to take a deep breath over and over until I call you back.
her:  it’s fine i can’t talk.
me:  where are you?
(to be continued…)
night and day…Blog, research, write..
“The world belongs to the energetic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s easy to blame our failure to meet our goals or to live our dream lives on a lack of energy, and we don’t always stop to think about the quality of energy in our lives. Yet we can choose to create and manage our own energy flow.Think of an instance when you’ve been so involved in an activity that you’ve lost track of time, and then identity the passions and energies you were feeding. Who was there with you? What were you doing? What will you do to make time for moments like that one more often?(Author: Julia E)
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Foxy (images)

happy Friday, everybody!!!  writing to share an option for you this weekend:  New Arctic Fox Pups Arrive at Aquarium of the Pacific

how are these pups relevant to our general topic themes?  um…they’re pretty and wear amazing outfits!!!

Aquarium of the Pacific Artic Wolf Pup4
The Aquarium of the Pacific has welcomed two male six-week-old Arctic Fox pups that are now on view in the Aquarium’s Molina Animal Care Center. The two brothers are part of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new Arctic & Antarctic: Our Polar Regions in Peril exhibition, which gives the public the opportunity to see polar animals up close while learning about what can be done to protect their habitats.
Aquarium of the Pacific Artic Wolf Pup3
Aquarium of the Pacific Artic Wolf Pup2
Aquarium of the Pacific Artic Wolf Pup Photo credits: Aquarium of the Pacific
New Arctic Fox Pups Arrive at Aquarium of the Pacific:

Arctic fox babies are called either pups or kits. A litter usually has about seven kits but may contain up to fifteen. The Arctic fox is an incredibly resilient animal that can live in temperatures as low as -59° F and as warm as temperatures we experience in Southern California. They are found in the Arctic and alpine tundra regions, from coastal Alaska and Greenland to Scandinavia and Russia.
It survives in extreme temperatures thanks to its thick fur, furry soles, short ears, and short muzzle. During the winter months, white phase Arctic fox have white coats that serve as camouflage against the vast stretches of snow and ice in their native Arctic region. When the seasons change, their coats change to a brown or blue-gray appearance that allows them to blend in with the summer’s landscape. Blue phase fox, more common in the species’ southern habitat range, remain charcoal-colored year round. Young of each color phase may occur in the same litter.
These mammals have keen hearing and normally feed mainly on rodents along with birds, and even fish. When prey is scarce in the winter, these foxes often follow polar bears to eat their leftover scraps, sometimes traveling great distances. Their average lifespan in the wild is three to six years. As an adult, an Arctic fox can weigh up to seventeen pounds.
Climate change poses a threat to the Arctic fox, impacting their habitat and food sources. Consequently the International Union for Conservation of Nature has included them on their Red List of Threatened Species and on a list of ten species that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.”

Dear mom & dad…

…Please send money…for…um…educational stuff..
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3 hobbies to develop your skillset

Embrace the robocalypse!
While you may not associate the activities below with traditional business-folk-type of activities (read:  Jack Welch doesn’t “do” web design), there are important correlations between the skills in employees employers find valuable and these not-so-typical hobbies…

1.Web Design: What competitive company doesn’t have or want an amazing website?  Online sites are the medium of communication of the future  yesterday. 
2.Blogging and Journaling: Aside from the obvious health benefits of writing in a journal (stress reducer), writing and blogging only helps improve your writing and thinking.  If you recognize the importance  of being an effective communicator and having “voice flexibility” (business format, web format, stage format, et cetera…), you would certainly find writing exercises one way to help with this…how do I know?  From my own improvement:  I already write better now than I did at 4:45am today.
3.Reading:  Specifically, our blog… (Do I need to justify this?)


who knew it required so much weird computer codes just to get blogs looking nice and pretty?!?!?!

How not to be cliche (images)

some ideas for what to wear on weekends when it’s super hot out.

(i.e. be open to viewing silhouettes, fabrics and colors that are not your ‘go-to’)

do wear short shorts with flats instead of high-heels (please)
(do not accessorize with farm animals)  
I’m not suggesting to wear images from billboards verbatim…but exposing oneself to something seemingly less familiar can help you cultivate your personal taste while allowing yourself to feel comfortable wearing a variety of styles.

Office Space (images)

What does each space tell you about its inhabitant?

What is your office’s primary function?
Does it reflect your professionalism and the good work you produce?
Does it have an effective organizing system?
Does it provide comfortable seating for guests, clients, prospective clients? 
Does your space inspire creativity, focus, motivation?
Have you eliminated distractions?
Do you and others respect the space as a designated work area?
How does it help you accomplish your goals?
What personal items remind you of your values?
How does it deter “time-wasting” colleagues?
Is there consistency in the message your office conveys?…Or, does it talk too much without getting to the “point”?

prettypinkponies: pleased w/ paltrow’s prim & proper ‘pepper potts’ (images)

Rewatched Iron Man 2 this evening…One of my favorite movies
ever.  I love Tony Stark’s
over-the-top personality, cool toys, his business savvy, sexy lifestyle and
most of all…his trusted companion, Pepper Potts.

Potts has been a misunderstood character according to many
write-ups.  Some see Potts’ old
school prim & proper style, professional background as Stark Industries’
head administrative assistant and poise demeanor as the antithesis to the empowered
‘go-getter’ modern-day women aspire to be.  However, Potts’ delicate, prissy “sorority-girl” image is
misleading.  Though her reserved
and polished style is a contrast to Tony Stark’s irreverent bravado, Stark eventually chooses her to run Stark Industries as CEO.  Why?  Because she’s trustworthy, discreet, professional, loyal and
smart.  What Potts leaves unsaid
speaks to her experience and ability to remain composed.  She is more knowledgeable and capable than what one sees at first glance.  Potts exemplifies how one need not be
in pantsuits and possess such an intimidating or masculine persona to be effective…So how does one take cue from Potts and dress professional,
ladylike, and smart? 
Let’s examine Miss Virginia “Pepper” Potts’ wardrobe, shall we? 
structured dresses:
 tailored and simple pantsuits in neutral colors

high-collar sheath dresses
trousers with long, clean lines:

 ladylike silhouettes in understated tones
With her killer Pilates-legs, subtle but snide comments and longevity at Stark Industries, it’d be hard to imaging Pepper Potts without the guile and brawn necessary to keep Tony in line.  With her wardrobe’s clean lines, tailored cuts, traditional monochromatic palette (a la Theory) and platform-heeled pumps (red soles), Potts hints at  understated capabilities..Perhaps, there’s a sense of strength she doesn’t feel necessary to wear on her sleeve.  In any case, she clearly demonstrates professionalism 101: an awareness of what image her role requires when seen by the public.  Very nice brand-management, Miss Potts!

Other link(s):
How to wear tall boots without looking like you’re dressed for Halloween

high heels > lower back pain (video)

lower back pain?  The culprit?  10-inch Christian Louboutins. 
here’s one alternative:

Isometric Stretches by our friend, Adam at Advanced Athletics, Inc.

The Future of Gen Y

Predictions on the Future of Gen Y
Here are three predictions:
1. We will expand and lengthen the definition of “entry-level.” 
Because Gen Ys are extending the onset of adulthood into the mid-twenties or even age 30, I think companies will follow suit. I believe we will see expanded internship programs (perhaps lasting several years beyond college), more alumni career resources being offered by universities and longer rotational programs — perhaps moving from two years to three or four.
2. Titles and career paths will become more customizable.  
According to MTV’s 2010 Millennial Edge survey, 81 percent of Millennials agree with the statement, “I am always expressing myself in different ways.” We’ve already seen this attitude in the workplace with Gen Ys seeking careers they are passionate about and not hesitating to leave jobs that don’t feel fulfilling. Over the next decade, I predict that companies will respond with more customizable titles, rotational programs, work schedules and other opportunities for employees to express themselves at work.
3. “Standard” business communication will evolve.
We’ve already seen business become much more casual. When was the last time you called a colleague or client “Mr.” or “Ms.” or wrote a formal business letter? While I firmly believe that good grammar and face-to-face interaction should never go away, it’s clear we are headed for more text message speak (“LOL” was just added to the Oxford English Dictionary, after all) and more virtual communication. Because human interaction is still incredibly important, my belief is that the technology will improve so that even virtual communications feel personal, such as better video chatting software and meeting technology such as Cisco telepresence.
What predictions do you have for the way Gen Y will affect the workplace? Please share!
(by L. Pollack/ThinPinkLine)

How Not to Be Cliche: Short Dresses

(burlap sack in gold thread = modern-day Cinderella)

(if i were fancy stationery, what would i wear?)

(only truly hot girls can feel sexy covered up)

(very Katy Perry)

(all-american cut + slight romance w/ restrained ruffles + sexy v-neck + vibrant color) 

(familiar shape + unique hemline + understated neutral = YAWN…

A few alernatives of dresses for occasions when the Nordstrom Catalog just won’t do.

blogging & fashion