Office Space (images)

What does each space tell you about its inhabitant?

What is your office’s primary function?
Does it reflect your professionalism and the good work you produce?
Does it have an effective organizing system?
Does it provide comfortable seating for guests, clients, prospective clients? 
Does your space inspire creativity, focus, motivation?
Have you eliminated distractions?
Do you and others respect the space as a designated work area?
How does it help you accomplish your goals?
What personal items remind you of your values?
How does it deter “time-wasting” colleagues?
Is there consistency in the message your office conveys?…Or, does it talk too much without getting to the “point”?

prettypinkponies: pleased w/ paltrow’s prim & proper ‘pepper potts’ (images)

Rewatched Iron Man 2 this evening…One of my favorite movies
ever.  I love Tony Stark’s
over-the-top personality, cool toys, his business savvy, sexy lifestyle and
most of all…his trusted companion, Pepper Potts.

Potts has been a misunderstood character according to many
write-ups.  Some see Potts’ old
school prim & proper style, professional background as Stark Industries’
head administrative assistant and poise demeanor as the antithesis to the empowered
‘go-getter’ modern-day women aspire to be.  However, Potts’ delicate, prissy “sorority-girl” image is
misleading.  Though her reserved
and polished style is a contrast to Tony Stark’s irreverent bravado, Stark eventually chooses her to run Stark Industries as CEO.  Why?  Because she’s trustworthy, discreet, professional, loyal and
smart.  What Potts leaves unsaid
speaks to her experience and ability to remain composed.  She is more knowledgeable and capable than what one sees at first glance.  Potts exemplifies how one need not be
in pantsuits and possess such an intimidating or masculine persona to be effective…So how does one take cue from Potts and dress professional,
ladylike, and smart? 
Let’s examine Miss Virginia “Pepper” Potts’ wardrobe, shall we? 
structured dresses:
 tailored and simple pantsuits in neutral colors

high-collar sheath dresses
trousers with long, clean lines:

 ladylike silhouettes in understated tones
With her killer Pilates-legs, subtle but snide comments and longevity at Stark Industries, it’d be hard to imaging Pepper Potts without the guile and brawn necessary to keep Tony in line.  With her wardrobe’s clean lines, tailored cuts, traditional monochromatic palette (a la Theory) and platform-heeled pumps (red soles), Potts hints at  understated capabilities..Perhaps, there’s a sense of strength she doesn’t feel necessary to wear on her sleeve.  In any case, she clearly demonstrates professionalism 101: an awareness of what image her role requires when seen by the public.  Very nice brand-management, Miss Potts!

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