women & teamwork…

“…All of the women entrepreneurs I’ve studied
embrace teamwork and absolutely depend on it to run their
organizations. But more importantly, they know that in order to ignite
the creative spark that gets teams to produce value, they must build a
culture and value system that treats the individual with respect.

This means not blindly applying rules to all in an equal, unbending
and algorithmic fashion. It means focusing on removing barriers to
effective communication. It means recognizing people have lives outside
of work and allowing them the flexibility to manage both worlds – often
one in the context of the other. It means expecting each person to
produce results above and beyond what he or she thinks is possible. It
means creating an organization that respects and celebrates differences
in people and leveraging those differences to achieve a superior product
or service. It means hiring primarily for “cultural fit” rather than
skills, which can be trained. And it means being the humble, emotionally intelligent leader who is not afraid to get her or his hands dirty in the trenches….”

A recent Forbes.com article presents the ways in which men and women view teamwork vs. individual stardom.  The article also highlights the differences between the value added by one stellar individual vs. an effective, albeit, mediocre team…