Closet Essentials – Part I. Checklist (images)

Checklist/tools: (retail refers to this as “basics”) shirt, casual bottoms, flats, bags, etc…

“The Shirt”:
Tees, knits, button-ups, etc..

I’m not at all trying to dissuade you from justifying wearing your ten-year-old concert shirt/free-when-you-sign-up-for-a-credit-card-shirt/inappropriate-cartoon-you-got-as-a-gift-shirt/raggedy juicy couture sweats/etc… with the old excuse of being “economical”/making use of all your resources effectively…My point simply is that irrespective of your preferences and style — whether you’re miss hot-to-trot super-duper-model or too-deep-to-follow-fashion’s “rules” — have a ‘basic shirt’ as a default when having to be seen in public. 

skirt, khakis, denim, cargo, etc… 
There are no rules.  However, there are guidelines.  From most relevant to least, when taking care of business around town, some things to consider when choosing bottoms:  
  • Are they clean?
  • Do they fit me well?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Are they washable/easy to maintain?
  • Will they coordinate with > 75% of my tops?

Let this be a guideline from which to deviate your outfits.  Show respect for the people with whom you’ll interact while demonstrating maturity by being well ‘put-togeter’ (whatever this looks like according to your perosnal style).  If you run into your clients, employer, colleagues, highschool sweetheart, next weekend’s date…would you be embarrassed in what you’re in? 

(to be continued…)
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