Closet Essentials – Part I. (img)

Part I.  Basic Needs (per Maslow)

In current vernacular, “basic needs” means things we have no option to say ‘no’ to (i.e. paying utility bills, rent/mortgage, visiting the bank, feeding our children, buying cat litter & doggie treats, post office, grocery store, et cetera…).  So to tie this tenuously with fashion, “Part I.” discusses what to wear when ‘out and about running errands’. 

Part I.  Running Errands
Objective:  get things done comfortably, without getting bothered by unnecessary attention, altercations, or other time-wasters…
Tools:  basic inoffensive clothing, flat shoes, container for documents, phone, car keys, etc…
(I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly find running errands the highlight of my week.  While looking good is essential, looking like you’re desperate for a date or like you just rolled out of bed yesterday and are new to society’s basic expectations of decent public decorum will probably take you off track to getting things done as quickly as possible and getting home to get ready for an actual date.)

(continues in “Part I. checklist)

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