Closet Essentials – Part II. (images)

(…continues from Closet Essentials – Part I.)

Part II.  Safety Needs per Maslow

Let’s put “safety needs” in a more accessible context.  Who protects us, provides us with law and order, and decides what we can and can’t do in society if we don’t want to be imprisoned (“limits”)?  Yes…the state.  What does this governing body expect in return?  Responsible citizenship.  What does that mean?  It means we have to hold jobs and pay taxes.  
Now, how do we hold a job?  In other words, what will we wear to work from 9-5 in a typical entry-level position within a corporation?  “Part II.” provides insight to a category is referred to as “business casual” (note:  this is for a hypothetical setting in a generic corporation — yes, I understand creative fields, etc…have different dress codes).

Part II.  The Professional
Objective:  fit into the company’s culture without offending one’s boss and being seen as a professional.  That’s the only image we need at the office:  a professional.  Your goal is to impress your boss with the great job you’re doing.  Anything other motivations are irrelevant and will have to be dropped.

Tools:  company uniform, closed-toe shoes, nothing distracting and nothing that invites attention that delineates us from our job duty.

I know this doesn’t sound like the glamorous vision we had in mind as freshmen in college and we all thought we would wear fancy couture to the office everyday a la “Devil Wears Prada”, however, there are plenty other occasions where you can wear your sexy and flashy outfits.  And, if your priority is to keep your job (vs. become the office homecoming queen), then we must observe and follow guidelines.  (Read:  you are not Carrie Bradshaw and there are no paparazzi in the office for whom you need wear your vintage Halston dress.

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