Closet NON-essentials (images)

I’m making a list of items to include on my “Vision Board” (Popularized by ‘The Secret’  via Oprah Winfrey). 

Do I believe in the law of attraction?  I don’t know.  I did this exercise not to elevate my spiritual practice but, rather, to motivate myself to “success”.  Here’s a link about the connection between visualization and success.  (Also, there are just tons of really neat gadgets and cute accessories out in the market currently.  It’s hard to save for an iPad when Oliver People’s continues to design the cutest sunglasses.)

I didn’t let “reality” get in the way of my list.  I listed everything I wish to have without the limitations of only having “three wishes”, “a million dollars”, or any other annoying things to consider.  I’m not negotiating with a genie here, I’m trying to motivate myself!

Here are some awesome things that are on my visualization board/wish list (this month):

1.  A new MacBook

image by
2.  Donna Karan Wrap Dress (Spring 2011)


3.  Michele Jelly Bean Watches

4.  Boots

perfect for the office during Fall/Winter
to be continued…(obviously)


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