what’s a…"blog"

What’s a “blog” anyway?

At its simplest, a “blog” is short for “web log”.  The editors of Huffington Post define the term blog as “…a regularly updated account of events or ideas posted on the web” (p.12).

However, at its most complex, a blog is a community, a space for journalists and non-journalists alike to speak their mind, a new interactive and democratic form of communication (p. 13).

Blogs provide people with more sources of opinion and information than before.  Whether a blog is used to supplement high-end fashion magazines with a local’s take on ‘style’ or to gain an individual’s perspective of a political issue to balance a congressman’s formal take of the same, blogs allow people to form opinions based on a bigger and much varied sources than ever before.

It allows for easier access to resources from the high and the low; combining the macro- with the micro-.

Hopefully, this will lead to a more balanced way forming perspective overall.

In addition, the world of “blogging” allows new and sometimes interesting “voices” to be heard.  We can easily access information on “niche” topics that don’t have a big enough market outside of the web to reach a multitude of people via journals or periodicals.  This proliferation of information ties not only like-minded individuals together, but reveals common ground between communities as well.

Hopefully, the emergence of information and perspective will foster better understanding between individuals and groups.

(to be continued…)


The Editors of The Huntington Post and Ariana Huffington, (2008). The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. pgs. 11-14