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On this post: Young And Underemployed: The Lasting Effects Of The Lost Generation

 Undergraduate education is not technical school. Some of us attend school because we value a well-rounded education, not to secure employment after graduation. Educational background (undergraduate) are less relevant than internships, volunteer experience and on-campus activities. There’s a distinction between going to a trade school and attending a university.

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2 thoughts on “Young and Underemployed: Called-Out Comment ( repost…

  1. Real fashion designers use almost anything and everything
    for their sketches and renderings. Some use nothing more than a basic
    sharpie marker and pantone color markers.
    Some make wonderful large sized full colour watercolor and india ink renderings.
    Other use colored pencils and basic micron pens. Prismacolor pencils are
    the standard for commercial art, and the color
    range and blendability means they are perfect for fashion design.
    Pantone markers are also popular because pantone’s color matching number range is also used by thread, elastics, tapes, zipper, and other sewing notion manufacturers. A designer can say send me fifty zippers in pantone 2345 and the colour will match perfectly. (which I frequently do) I use Sakura Micron pens for most finished sketches. There are many that I do in black and white only so the customer can select her own colour or print fabric. I can scan the print and the drawing into the computer and then use photoshop so she can see her dress in her fabric. It helps her to see herself in the dress if I leave fabric color to her imagination. When I am designing embroideries for my designs I use a fine black pen and then fill in using prismacolor pencils. My one business friend doesn’t ever make sketches, all his designs are done by draping on a dress form and he takes extensive photos along the way.
    He’s never once ever sketched a design, his process involves fabric, scissors, and sewing machine. Works for him, I suppose.

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