Would You Survive this Job Interview (video)?

I recently watched the animated feature, Spirited Away (2001, Miyazaki) and found its story beautiful on multiple levels.

One of the big themes illustrated in the story is how tenacity, passion and adaptability are essential to surviving in a new and unfamiliar world.

Much like entering a new office culture or industry, we must have the ability to use our courage and hard work to redeem ourselves and demonstrate the value we can add.

There’s a lot to learn even from the short clip above on surviving intimidating ‘tests’ and being driven to succeed at a new job in a “new world”.

If you want to see an example of surviving the first few days of a new job, you MUST see Spirited Away.

Big lessons learned:

  • Fostering goodwill
  • Building relationships
  • Following directions
  • Resourcefulness
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Boundaries
  • Empathy
  • Growth
  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Tenacity
  • Focus
  • etc…(caring for a dying dragon…)

If you do watch it, please provide your feedback on how the movie touches on the above themes.

Carpe diem!

More on professional wear: Harper Bazaar’s How to Dress for Success article

(Thanks to Spike.com for the link)

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