How To Respond to Rude Behavior… (Per Twitter experts)

Stephanie Tanner (Full House)

One of the great things about Twitter is how quickly one can access expert insight from professionals within various industries.

While I ask many cool people for insight, I don’t expect a response. It’s important to respect others’ schedules and lives. Asking for others’ advice on Twitter or anywhere else, does not automatically create an obligation for them.

Your question does not dictate how the person you’ve contacted will prioritize their schedule.

That said, we were lucky that we received sensible and excellent recommendations from those we reached out to earlier today. Read on for some thoughtful responses to our question about effective communication.

Source: Twitter

Thank you to:
  Emily Bennington, Author of Effective Immediately. Monster Contributing Writer. Forbes Woman / US News / Huffington Post blogger.

  Keith FerrazziThought leader. Relationship Guru. Consultant. Author of “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s got Your Back.”·
  Diane GottsmanNationally recognized etiquette expert, trainer & author Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women.

  Alison Hager, Marathoner/GroupRide Instructor ,Fitness Expert featured in  Aug 11′ @ Success In Various Forms Blog (click here) )
  Liz Weber, Leadership consultant/speaker/author specializing in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development & Succession.·  
  Jessica Lesley, Yoga expert, instructor, contributor to (magofyoga), coach, etc…
  Michael Weiss, Speaker; Leader; Inspirer; expanding and strengthening brands through Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media and lots of other things. Was CEO of imagistic. 
Also to Cathy Lang, Annie Lauer, Jacquelyn Whitmore, et al…

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