Difficult Conversations: A step-by-step dialogue template

I received simple but important communication tips tonight.

A relationship-guru advised that one of the biggest ways to deepen an existing personal relationship (and/or quickly determine a relationship’s inevitable outcome) is by sharing that which we have been withholding from our partner and/or friend.
Good or bad, sharing something tough to express will only result in the best outcome for all in the long run. 

Save yourself and others the heartache by beginning an honest dialogue using this super simple script (after you’ve mentally prepped for possible outcomes):

There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you but have been too afraid to.

2.  I
was afraid that if I told you, the following would happen:

Here’s what I hope to have happen: 

What I’d like to tell you is
_____________________________ (*EXHALE)

5. (*Tolerate the discomfort and remain fully present by actively taking in the other person’s response) …


7. *GROW …

(Thank you, R.)

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