“Losing friends” to adulthood…



“I’m pregnant”, she happily delivers in a text message.And, another girlfriend/social-life advocate/shopping-buddy/etc…is lost. Instantly.

I can’t imagine a girlfriend whom I’ve known since I was a pre-teen is a mom.

“Cheryl can’t be a mom because … because… she gets facials and where would she ever find time to be a mom?”, I argue in my head. While ultimately happy that one of my dearest childhood friends has at last found someone with whom she feels happy about settling, I feel slightly anxious. If Cheryl’s a mommy, and Amy’s a mommy, and Linda’s a mommy, and … is a mommy…that means…I need to find new girlfriends to play with!

I couldn’t fathom the obligation of parenthood when I can’t even take care of myself!

Alas, time waits for no one…least of all she who digs in her heels… in fancy shoes.

I’m off to Cheryl’s baby shower now to celebrate the end of her life as a single girl and to welcome diapers, teeny tiny clothes, and responsibility.


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