Can love make you healthier and more immune to disease? #Love #Health …

Can love improve mental and physical health and aid in our  response to pain?

Can love  make us wiser?

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Included in this post is a link to an interesting piece by Diane Ackerman on a new field in science, interpersonal neurobiology (in other words, the science of relationships).

The fundamental idea of interpersonal neurobiology draws its vigor from one of the great discoveries of our era: that the brain is constantly rewiring itself based on daily life.

What we pay most attention to defines who we are — physically altering our brains…

The article argues that how one chooses to spend the hours in our lives literally shapes our physical selves.

Continue reading the NYTimes article.

10 thoughts on “Can love make you healthier and more immune to disease? #Love #Health …

  1. I agree with the idea that being in love could make you healthier… It definently makes you feel more beautiful and confident which emanates from you as readily as the rapidly beating heart your intended conjures instantly…by calling or walking into the same room…

    • Knowing the magnitude of our actions towards one another makes me us all the more responsible for how we treat those we have relationships with. If love can impact people greatly, so can inconsideration and ill will.

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