Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

My taste for fashion and professional clothing is greatly influenced by my mother.
Each morning, I watched her leave the house to run her medium-sized print ad company, VIRGO INC.

Always tailored; always ladylike.

My mother wore knee-length pencil skirts without the subtle twist of irony my generation feels compelled to add when they wear classic styles today…subtly mocking a previous generation known for dainty manners and strings of white pearls.

My mother cultivated a taste for classic feminine silhouettes and she wore it like she meant it…
because she did.
Without a word, she entered a room and suddenly all were aware that they were in the presence of a lady. And, to those who knew of her her self-made success, it was understood that she ran her company with the graceful strength of a savvy woman.
My own aesthetic often seems to reference my mother’s style – pencil skirts, gold bangles, diamond studs and fancy high-heeled shoes. I adore tailored sheath dresses, A-line skirts and silk blouses. The similarities between my office style and my mother’s professional wear weren’t apparent to me until very recently when I discovered a dusty old photograph from childhood – there I was in my Catholic school uniform walking on stage to receive an academic award of some sort wearing a bangle too big for my tiny forearm. In the background was my mom in a classic yet angular A-line dress with geometric patterns proudly walking with me…When I returned back to the “present”, I realized that I own and wear a dress with the same patterns, the same color, a similar silhouette in my own fancy shoes. I continue to discover as I continue to find old photographs that I wear exactly the same styles my mother used to wear when she was a young mother and business woman in her early 20s.


The outdoors-y and playful and sometimes scruffy pieces of clothing you’d find in my closets are my own addition. My mother would never risk getting scars on her legs to climb trees.
Me…before any taste at all.

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