Free! The Best Time Management Tool — ever!

Last night, I came upon a blog with a recent article on productivity and time management.

I LOVED the post.

The blog was well-written, had a fantastic layout and provided great tips…

However, it seemed to have missed something…it occurred to me that what it missed, that ‘something’, was actually nothing.

Huh? You ask…Well, the best productivity tool we can all learn to use more effectively is simple, free and 100% effective:

Saying ‘no’.


No…not quite…empty…nothing…no value…negative.

 This brilliant two-letter, mono-syllabic word is a great solution to common ailments such as:

1. Running late to the dozens of appointments you have on your calendar last week;

2. Not getting enough rest;

3. Failing to maintain the productivity system you set out to implement at the beginning of the year;

4. Extra weight;

5. Not having anything to wear;

6. Missing your loved one’s game, play, birthday party, wedding, et cetera…

7. Missing meals….

This list continues forever.

The gist:

What I’m saying is, perhaps creating better boundaries and freeing ourselves from commitments and obligations will provide the time we need to regroup, prepare and re-assess what we want to spend our lives doing.

For instance, what are you doing right now? How does it help you get closer to your dreams and life’s purpose?

Sending my very best to you.


3 thoughts on “Free! The Best Time Management Tool — ever!

  1. Meg, you are (as usual) right on the button! Like a mainspring in a clock we can’t stay wound all the time. I tried to teach this to my college students who had projects, papers to write, events to attend, church, school, family & bible study. After maybe a semester they tired of endless energy drinks & coffee, all nighters, & QUIET!! Thanks for sharing! And rem: that still small voice that guides us can only be heard in quietness & contemplation. Nicco

    • Thanks, Nicco. Like others, I often associate busy-ness with productivity. Sometimes I accomplish a lot, but usually, I just end up suffering from burning out and it sets me back — a lot.

      I have to remind myself constantly to be more protective of my time as others do not have access to my calendar and what I value as priorities.

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