Pls. share: What’s in your purse? (img)


Without cheating (and, without any jokes about Deep V-neck shirts) please share with us the contents of your purse right this second….

Can you tell a lot about someone’s personality based on what they tote around in their handbags???

Thanks everyone!



10 thoughts on “Pls. share: What’s in your purse? (img)

  1. first – no cash but a wallet filled with 000’s store cards/credit cards & ID’s, 3 packets gum, umbrella (with cover) & gloves (its coming on winter and I hate the cold), keys to house & car, my favourite Cross pen & pencil set hubby bought me (which I carry for sentimental reasons), 3 lipsticks rolling around the bottom of the bag plus my make-up bag with lipstick matching what I’m wearing, travel toothbrush & paste, driving glasses (otherwise I’m a danger on the road) and I’m wearing my work/reading ones, receipts to give my accountant (secretly stuffed into a zipped pocket), supermarket shopping list which is 4 weeks old and I still haven’t bought anything on the list, iPhone, ear buds, this weeks winning lotto ticket and my waterman fountain pen with aqua blue refills.

  2. 1. MK Flashdrive
    2. Leather case w/ many many many pens, highlighters and pencils (disposable fountain pens, LAMY rollerball, post-its)
    3. Diane G.’s book, Pearls of Polish
    4. Gum
    5. Laptop
    6. iPhone
    7. iPod + earbuds
    8. Wallet
    9. Another leather case with markers, arts/crafts stuff (dots, scissors, glue stick, etc…)
    10. key– Wait! — WHERE ARE MY KEYS??!!?!?!
    11. Calendar/planner,
    12. Notebook (Graphic Image)…(the list never ends)

  3. keys, lipstick, compact with mirror, wallet, tissue, pens whose tops I’m hoping won’t fall off and leave a blue star on the lining, loose change and loose bills (moving too fast to put them back in my wallet), receipts I promised myself to put on my expense ledger and can no longer recall the business purpose for; other people’s business cards who I promised myself I’d put on my mailing list with a note about where I met them and why they’re important; movie tickets for that great Marigold Hotel movie with Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy & the guy from Slum Dog Millionaire; a plastic name tag from a recent women’s conference; a very old Playbill from my last trip to NYC; prescription sunglasses in case; and, sand from the beach in Hawaii I shouldn’t have taken my purse to.

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