Courage … in fancy high heeled shoes!


We’re looking forward to co-hosting tonight’s #BEaLEADER Twitterchat as @PrPinkPonies/@PrettyPinkPro and our networks from, Etsy, USC et al…

As you may know, Pretty Pink Ponies has a successful and accomplished team of over 100 small local merchants with online shops.

Here’s our team description:

We are a network of over 100 local merchants & creative entrepreneurs that effectively discovers avenues to provide members with professional resources and relevant experiences.

Some ways we’ve added value are with:

1. Introductions to relevant organizations and individuals (mostly Los Angeles) where opportunities to promote and showcase their products are possible at little to no cost

2. Opportunities to host workshops at popular high-traffic venues for little to no cost

3. Opportunities to network with successful professionals in our circle by serving the Los Angeles Art + Culture community as dedicated volunteers

4. The Pink Ponies community and following and Etsy, Inc. Fellowship award and resources. We have a respected voice in professional and social circles.

5. Opportunities to lead, discuss, ask questions in a moderated and managed collaborative (no petty b.s.) space.

6. Projects that challenge current professional and business skillsets within a team environment followed by with constructive feedback from mentors and coaches.

7. Invitations to local Etsy and non-Etsy professional networking events and social events

8. Brand visibility to reach markets OUTSIDE THE DIY + ETSY COMMUNITY via Social Media, promotional events, team incentives, services, etc…

9. Bi-monthly anonymous and comprehensive shop critiques by non-Etsy sellers that fit your target demographic

10. Regular in-person and online/conference call team meet ups focused on collaboration, strategy and achieving results.

In under six months, leaders on our team reached out and recruited approximately 150 members.

In under eight months and with a $0 budget, our team secured contributions in the form of professional services, grants, supplies, equipment, space and other goods valued at over $3,000 through volunteer work, smart partnerships, and by working with local businesses as well as larger companies.

We give back to our local art community by regularly serving as volunteers at the Craft and Folk Art Museum’s craft nights and special events. As volunteers, we meet and engage with our community and encourage peer-to-peer learning.

It’s a privilege to work with positive role models whose examples help us develop character and gain valuable insights.

It’s also a privilege to experience adding value to others through our efforts. This is one of the most fulfilling experiences we gain from team participation.

As with most fledgling teams, the ride hasn’t always been consistently smooth for our members and we still have much to learn. As we work out the kinks and improve our effectiveness as a group, we hope to see our loyal members rewarded with more opportunities such as tonight’s online discussion with leadership coach, Jennifer Olney.

Among many of the executive coaches we regularly interact with, we particularly enjoy participating in Jennifer Olney’s online Twitterchat, #BeALEADER .

By virtue of contributing to the same business and professional leadership discussions and groups, we’ve become familiar with @GingerConsult and the valuable insights the #BEaLEADER community shares with one another.

We’re very fortunate to know generous and enlightened professionals who want to see us grow and develop as professionals and leaders. Together, our team and each member reach success through hard work, collaboration and gratitude from those who nudge us along with their encouragement and kindness.

We look forward to making bigger and bolder strides and paying forward bigger and bolder contributions.

Thanks for visiting the PinkPonies blog.

All the best,



#BEaLEADER Twitterchat info for 11/29/12
FAQs: Twitter, social media marketing, “#” Hashtags, etc…
Transcript of #BEaLEADER chat via @GingerConsult
Twitterchat tool, Tweetchat
Pink Ponies Meetup page

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