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I.  What is a “Pink Pony” & why the blog??

I know it’s hard to believe, but some people can’t tell by looking what Pretty Pink Ponies is about (“some people” includes the founder at times).

With technology tools and information evolving at an overwhelming rate, the fledgling 3P brand is constantly in flux trying to best express its identity (kinda like a pre-teen). Unfortunately, a lot of the marketing and branding experimentation occur live and on the web…we tracked it. Sometimes, looking back at “history” (read: 2 weeks ago) is kinda like looking at photos of your pre-pubescent self wearing braces, mismatched socks and acne.

Oh well. It’s a growing process and we’re happy to share our stumbling blocks with you.

3P_story: A blurb about how it started…

3P evolution: Meg blogs about the blogging process...(is it meta or is it vanity?)

What others say about 3P

II.  Where does 3P hang out???

Other sites: SM Profiles around the web

 3P office…

3P walk-in closet…

III.  Who are some of “Pretty Pink Ponies” (3P) friends?

Our network, friends and think.tank

Leading Ladies

Etsy.com team

IV. How can 3P best be reached?


Who? We’re sugar and spice and everything nice…all grown up (Well…gettin’ there)!

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