What kind of name is “Pretty Pink Ponies”?!?!!?!

Pretty Pink Ponies faces this question a lot. So, for the record, here’s the story of where the “Pretty Pink Ponies” name originated…

Pretty Pink Ponies

Pretty Pink Ponies(aka “3P”) is a
Los Angeles-based brand that champions the success and accomplishments of
professional women in all phases of their careers and lives.
3P was inspired by an image
inside a vintage children’s book at USC’s Institute For Multimedia Literacy
where Meg Gomez served as a Peer Mentor.
The image of young girls holding hands playing in a garden
was a sentiment Meg described as “Pretty Pink Ponies”.
According to Meg, “The phrase captured the essence of
the illustration.  The picture resonated
with me deeply and reminded me of my own childhood. Pretty Pink Ponies -I can’t
say this phrase without smiling. It brings many fond memories to life.
The image and name remained in the back of my mind even after
graduating from college and well into my full time job working in giant
corporate banks.
The phrase and image were deeply sentimental. A special place
that always reminded me of the carefree and innocent playfulness of being a
young girl.”

(to be continued…)
Created on 3/17/12 3:59 PM

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