making strides..(video + images)

We love surfer/model Malia Jones (“MJ”).  She’s picture perfect and an incredible athlete.

Her physique is an example of strength, flexibility and womanhood.  She’s athletic and lean yet has the curves to fill out a bathing suit properly.  She captures [in “guy language”] “the beauty trifecta”.  And, in the catty world of modeling, competitive surfing and life in general, the “beauty trifecta” is a winning strategy.

So we ask our friend, Adam, what we can add to our current resistance training workout to increase flexibility and establish our own winning image “strategy”.  We’d like to have long, runway-model legs to make big beautiful strides in this world.

Adam examined whether or not our workouts incorporate one of the basic elements of exercise:  stretching.

Do you balance your resistance training with stretches?  “…Well…um, ‘yes’?”, we reluctantly lied.  He didn’t buy it for a second.  Thankfully, he provided us with some examples of basic stretches.  Thanks, Adam.

super-star fitness guru and incredible athlete, adam + gabby reece, help us out by showing us some stretches

the sexy ‘santa monica stairs’ (img)

When we think of ideal physiques, we find healthy, strong, fit and flexible types to be best.  It’s important that one is able to move, dance, hold our friends and loved ones tightly and possess the energy to power-through tough days.

OUR PLAN:  Achieve an athletic and graceful dancer’s physique (a la Sophia Boutella)

Dancers seem to have the perfect combination of fluidity, grace and strength.  To appear graceful in one’s clothes yet feel confident and able to pack a mighty punch gives a girl a sort of edge noticeable in her walk.



Realistically, our vision requires that we stop blogging right now, go outside and play in the beautiful summer weather until we feel absolutely great.  It’s free…It’s lovely…And, it’s fun!

See you out there!
note:  John Mayer not included

members:  view .pdf file of workout here.

@ Nars book-signing (video)

Thank you for the rockstar treatment…
and the illuminating info about Nars’ trajectory to being the biggest brand in make-up!


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More on Francois Nars’ accomplice, Uzo:
Vogue article (June ’11)
Youtube clip (July ’11)

switch beverly hills

If you haven’t been to The Cohen sisters’ Switch Boutique, you’re missing out.
Below is a message from the generous and beautiful co-owner, Jennifer Cohen…

Come join us for our 1st Annual Summer Blowout Sale!
Everything 30-70% off!!!
Designers included are Helmut Lang, Elizabeth & James, J Brand, Raquel Allegra, Cynthia Vincent and many more!
One day only, don’t miss out!
Thursday June 9th 10am-6pm

238 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
p.310.860.1650 f.310.860.1640
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This post is to thank everyone who has supported, visited, advised, encouraged and provided their time to visit the prettypinkponies blog and site.  You are wonderful!!!

As of today (the blog’s one month anniversary), blog traffic reached its 2,099th mark; 1,000 of which was from this past week.  The rate at which traffic flows to our blog is exponentially increasing, so thanks especially to those who mentioned the blog to their friends.  Visits came from all over the world: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Luxemberg, Italy, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Austria…  The stats indicate that ‘office furnishings’, ‘closet checklist’, and ‘adding to basics’ were the more popular posts.  Eventually, we hope to get an understanding of what content visitors find most useful, entertaining, worthwhile, etc…and focus on connecting and gathering the information from our trusted friends and advisors to provide our readers with valid information they will find useful in their everyday lives.

Needless to say, this is a learning experience for all involved and it’s pretty interesting to experience the blogging ‘world’ and the capacity to connect with people everywhere.  The web is such an amazingly dynamic tool, yet its potential and value intangible; it can hardly be defined, it is constantly evolving, and its qualities and influence are shaped by us all.  We look forward to growing with all of you…perhaps, eventually, we will all help one another reach the point Maslow refers to as “Self-actualization”.  At that point, it will no longer matter what anyone wears.  Till then, we ask that you continue to visit, comment and share.  prettyplease.

Thanks, again, everyone.  Rock on.



anti-consumerism logo (images)

fashionable tops with subversive chanel logo (melted chanel logo):

contact us for more information:  info @

l.a. art initiative

featuring miss kara tanaka

artists are featured at the rema hort mann foundation at the ‘los angeles initiative’ this may 2011.  the beautiful los angeles crowd stare, ponder and philosophical-poetic with one another…as prettypinkponies contemplates their footwear.

click link for more info

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rodeo drive

may 2011
storefronts on rodeo drive

L.A. Dinner…

Options for an L.A. Sushi dinner..
(One of my gorgeous girlfriends is quite particular about what her company wears – as she has every right to be)
…so I turn to my famous buddy, M. Bay, and say, “so…did you also find the animation in Avatar a distraction to the forbidden love story?”

Spring hats in L.A.

slightly more hip than big floppy hats…
my mother @ The Getty stylishly protecting her fair and sensitive skin