Pls. share: What’s in your purse? (img)


Without cheating (and, without any jokes about Deep V-neck shirts) please share with us the contents of your purse right this second….

Can you tell a lot about someone’s personality based on what they tote around in their handbags???

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Great question. (via @RonaldSkelton) #Responsible #Consumerism

Look at the last thing you bought, what problem did it solve, what benefit did you buy?

— Ronald Skelton (@ronaldskelton) May 6, 2012

How much thought do we put into where we spend our time, energy and money? Do you consider how the product in your shopping basket got to your hand? How was it manufactured? Whose idea was it to create this? What was intended when the decision to produce the product was made?

Let us know — do you think it matters???

We encourage you to pause and think about what message you’re helping create each time you make a purchase or decision. What you buy makes a bigger statement than you think — it supports ideas, practices and institutions. Be smart. Choose wisely.

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Women In Business (Infographic)

Women In Business (Infographic)

Women In Business (Infographic)

Courtesy of MBA Online

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MONEY: Our Generation & Debt (Youtube vid)

Fantastic message by Rachel Cruze. Follow her on Twitter: @RachelCruze
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Do You Rank People According To Their Net Worth???

…Then, you’re probably no friend of mine.
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Handmade Greeting: 2011 Christmas Card (ta! da!)

I finished sending the first batch of holiday cards to friends and family last week. I’ll be sending the second batch tomorrow. This is an exciting time for me. I love wrapping gifts, making cards and most importantly, the holiday and new year cards I purchased at discounted prices throughout the year redeem their value and reward me for my early holiday preparation.

It may seem silly to buy holiday cards in March and April despite their discount, and many naysayers who see me shop probably think to themselves that I’ll only lose the cards before Christmas. But I know better. I feel great about not spending a dime on holiday cards especially because some of the finer paper cost a fortune!

That said, I have to admit I did spend under ten bucks on blank envelopes and blank cards to design a Christmas card for my shop. 

Since most cards during the holidays (appropriately) look frosty and frigid, I decided to use warm tones this holiday. 
Are you sending Christmas cards this year?
If holiday cards aren’t in the budget this year, one great option is to spend time designing and personalizing e-Cards. has tons of stylish options for free!

Have a warm and safe holiday season, everyone!
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Stop. Read this post before shopping… (images)

Is that new dress worth the splurge?  Let’s see how much cheaper it would cost to try and re-create the same designer look:

We can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-made designer dress.  However, sometimes, it makes very little difference in presentation whether or not what you’re wearing costs over 3x as much as much as a similar ensemble.

The few times high-cost in designer clothing can be worth the price you’re paying:

1)  The quality of fabric – cashmere, silk, leather, etc…
2)  Service – does the store offer great service (alterations?  selection?  appointment with qualified and informed stylists?  extensive knowledge on what makes the product unique?  etc…)?
3)  Shoes – Poorly made shoes are just plain bad for you.  They’re uncomfortable, they need to be replaced more often than well-made shoes, and they affect the “spring in your step”.
The key thing to remember is that THE WOMAN MAKES THE CLOTHES.  In the end, it’s YOU who dictates your presentation, not the garment – irrespective of its price or craftsmanship.
(Sources:  experience shopping and buying too many clothes, experience working in clothing stores, pageant-training, conversations with salespeople, etc…)

Linked In? (podcast)

Are you “linked in” with your professional network?

Listen to this podcast by Mignon Fogarty, Inc.’s “Money Girl” for basic tips on how to best utilize LinkedIn (free) as a professional resource.

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"Seven Lessons To Learn From A Market Downturn"

Our response to Forbes’ article, “Seven Lessons To Learn From A Market Downturn“, is that the average investor would be silly to discount the training and resources professional money managers have had as “irrelevant”
while simultaneously being overconfident about their own investment strategies (especially if their primary source is the latest tip in a money magazine or a “hunch”).  We agree and applaud “Investopedia” for reminding us to “diversify”, consider asset allocation, do our own research and get a second, third, or fifth opinion from reliable sources of information.  More education is always better than less.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Below is a response to this article.

Great article.

Lesson #1: Don’t depend on the stock market to “make” money.

I suppose because we (society/pop-culture) tend to associate the wealthy with their financially-savvy ways (and, top hats), we also often think that the wealthy got there by betting money in the market. Afterall, stocks, bonds and other market-traded investment instruments are used by wealthy people instead of regular ol’ bank accounts. Right?

What’s misleading is that the wealthy don’t need a 100% return nor do they expect it. Athough all investors hope to make huge returns in the market, “wealthy investors” (those with > millions in investable assets) are primarily concerned with:

a) having their overall portfolio perform better than the market;
b) PRESERVING the wealth they worked hard to achieve (for future generations); and
c) the appropriate investment vehicles for their tax-bracket
d) …other reasons…

That said, please note there’s a difference between buying ten shares of a company you know little about because your brother’s friend’s dad’s sister’s mailman had a hunch.

The information-age has led us to believe that the availability of information will help us make huge returns in the stock market. Being intelligent in another field, and supplementing your intelligence by picking up a “dummies” book on options strategies is not a worthwhile investment strategy.

There are multiple factors each money manager/registered representative considers when developing investment strategies. Not to mention it’s their job to watch the market night and day (sometimes even while they sleep).

Unless you – the non-investment professional – can dedicate as much time in researching the markets as trained and educated analysts whose jobs are to research companies, industries, the economy, regulations, tax laws, et cetera…, (not to mention having access to people on the trading desk floors, technology, and many staff members who have immediate access to all necessary information immediately), please don’t make the mistake in assuming you’re as qualified as an experienced investment professional in selecting investments that optimize the upside while limiting the downside. 

Yes, you may get lucky and outperform Warren Buffet on one particular day, but cash-in while you’re ahead. Using the stock market to “make money” is a short-term strategy that relies mostly on luck and the market’s “mood” that day.

**Don’t feel pressured to know about the “coolest” and “sexiest” investment strategies.  Keep in mind that Wall Street is only a movie and Michael Douglas probably hires someone to manage his money for him.  Buying into the idea that you can attain wealth because you’re a better human-being than Joe-Schmoe-Stockbroker is akin to believing you can attain wealth by donning a Top Hat and a monocle.**

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What to wear when you’re ‘bullish’ 

stores that offer alterations:

Save time by considering the option of getting your new slacks hemmed by the store from which they were purchased.  Usually, having your slacks hemmed by the store will cost you less money and time than taking them to a tailor…

Ranges between 7 to 15 dollars:

Banana Republic
Club Monaco

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Jimmy Choo at a discount: £550 million (article)

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Labelux to Buy Jimmy Choo 

Upscale shoe-maker Jimmy Choo is being sold to German luxury-goods company Labelux, the latest deal in a flurry of luxury-goods acquisitions as the industry rebounds from the economic crisis.
Labelux, a small holding company that already owns the Swiss shoe brand Bally, said it is buying the iconic stiletto label from TowerBrook Capital. Financial details weren’t disclosed, but earlier reports suggested Jimmy Choo was valued at £400 million to £550 million ($650 million to $895 million).
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post-recession shopping

think luxury brands and the affluent aren’t influenced by tough times?  a recent survey of consumer behavior compares affluent shoppers in 2010 vs. 2011:

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l.f. sale!

see you on larchmont boulevard!!!

re-post: loehmann’s coupon

prettypinkponies: loehmann’s coupon

loehmann’s coupon

loehmann’s is a great place to find hidden treasures.  $10 off coupon expires May 15th.
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Saks 5th Ave.

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Bobbi Brown: Save 20%
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