Moleskin-like Gadget Case

Having a tough time letting go of hardcover books?  Solution:  Hardbook-like cover for tablets!!!

New No-Cal company creates iPad, Kindle cases…
–  it looks like a Moleskin notebook
–  it mimics the feel of hard-bound books =)

Accessories (images)

prettypinkponies recently met marida at a tradeshow in los angeles.  We love her interesting and wearable designs.

The look is modern, minimal, “clean”.

semi-precious stones with metal…semi-precious stones with leather cords…
…so elegantly bohemian.

tailored, yet laid back.  Just what to wear with your white tee and jeans this summer.

…or your yoga pants…

so zen…


and simply lovely..

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K.I.T. (images)

We wholeheartedly believe that hand-written notes on elegant stationery is a necessary extravagance…

ponies postage

Older postage stamps that haven’t been cancelled (used) can be combined in value to send mail.  For instance, using vintage postage with regular postage is a great way to add character to your mailings.

Combining postage by theme, color or recipient’s personality and hobbies is a thoughtful gesture which will surely be appreciated.

Choice of notecard design can make a difference, too.  For instance, these watercolor fashion sketches by Christian LaCroix (below) are something you can use to write to your “fashion-forward” friends.

Christian LaCroix Stationery
Below is a profound statement on a simple space written using a vintage typewriter (for the non-fluffy types).

Ponies on

Crane’s classic customized stationery is understated which makes it perfect correspondence for new acquaintances and those whose personality you’re not yet sure of.  It’s a bit more formal and has less personality, however, covers a lot of different situations and a ‘must-have’ in your stationery repertoire.

Crane’s – personalized for Pretty Pink Ponies LLC

Colorful postcards are fun for writing to children and friends who are kids-at-heart (below).  They’re fun to send as well as to receive as a surprise.

While we love the efficiency technology provides, when connecting with others, everyone appreciates the thoughtful gesture of taking time to put thoughts on paper.  The pen-to-paper medium somehow conveys your message in a “human-way” more accurately than other mediums.

Hand-written notes aren’t always boring.  There are a variety of notecards in the market that suit various needs and personality types.  In the spirit of differentiating yourself, send a thoughtful greeting by mail.

Email and texts have no soul.
3P staff

(Other ways to be memorable)

Who is our favorite fine stationery store?  Flax, of course!


Adding to Basics (images)

i was running an errand at my favorite stationery store and had to park my car around the corner.  i was drawn to the interesting aesthetic of a particular store window i hadn’t seen before, and decided to stop in…
although the style seemed familiar (think:  American Apparel), the style of the brand was a bit edgier…more chic.  the store was filled with soft cotton basics in solid colors albeit cut in trendier styles.

while the pieces looked like items one can find in other stores in L.A., the interesting interior design and paintings on the shelves made me curious.  i was greeted by the boutique’s lovely host, miss ashley.  ashley gave me the low-down on the store’s genesis and eventually introduced me to the owner and his family (thanks, ash).

i write about this to point out how easily one can create various “looks” starting with “basic pieces”.  coming straight from a corporate setting, i walked into the store wearing:  a silk cami + sweater, black slacks, pearls, and a pair of black pumps.  by updating my top (read:  throwing something over my cami), i created various styles…with just one piece.
+ classic shirt in navy
+ striped sweater
+ fine cotton hoodie
+ classic shirt + hat
+ light cotton tank
+ kate moss screenprint tank

1.  basics + classic shirt in navy
2.  basics + striped sweater
3.  basics + fine cotton hoodie
4.  basics + classic shirt + hat
5.  basics + light cotton tank

6.  basics + kate moss screenprint tank

thank you jessy, mariam, joy and ashley!!!  this is one of our favorite new stores!!

Toughing it out..(image)


@meltdowncomics @prpinkponies @digitalLA

Headline: Blogging researcher faces puppies, children, child-like adults, comic books, artists, toys, creative and interesting people in the coolest industries in L.A. … Surprisingly, she survived the ‘ordeal’ (but, only barely).

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A+plus (images)

A-line dresses/skirts…
Q:  how does one create this classically feminine silhouette?  

A:  glad i asked…wear another skirt underneath, of course (psst…it’s called ‘crinoline’ or ‘petticoat’)!

the buy one get one free sale @ Betsey Johnson this weekend is the best time to buy quality petticoats to wear underneath A-Line dresses and skirts.

One Get One Free!!!

women’s fashion

Betsey johnson


till July 5, 2011

pinterest & urbanic event

Thanks, Audrey.
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wooden paddleboards

Made of wood from local homes in Laguna Beach
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by Teresa Downer

LA artist, Teresa Downer
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anti-consumerism logo (images)

fashionable tops with subversive chanel logo (melted chanel logo):

contact us for more information:  info @


amazing one-of-a-kind gowns…it’s like watching puppies whimper and scratch the window — they want to come home with me!
I can’t help but take pictures of the dresses in this shoppe everytime I walk by…

rodeo drive

may 2011
storefronts on rodeo drive

Antique + Vintage + Modern furnishings = GREAT TASTE! (images)

(I HAVE to HAVE this antique typewriter!)

(modern table of solid Vermont wood)

(amazing contempo chandelier)

(Japanese resin serving tray – unmatched quality)

(percussion instrument played by store owner)

(High-art European piece)

(modern chair + antique locker storage unit + ’50s hula dancer)

(Antique desk, phone + typewriter + modern lighting, chair)

(beautiful lamps made by Los Angeleno sold ONLY to Los Angelenos)

(half off vintage pearl necklace)

(<3 the mustard seating)

(<3 this desk)
What do you get when combining a professional interior designer’s eye with an antique collector’s cultivated taste + 30 years of business running a store?

Antique Shopping on a Monday afternoon… (images)

(vintage cufflinks, buttons, chains, etc…)

(great deal for a Hollywood Regency Style stool)

(gorgeous trunk-themed vanity + wrought iron stool)

(vintage tufted leather chairs + Tiffany lamp)

(ceramic edamame dish)

(ceramic sake set)

(ceramic sushi set)

(vintage containers)

(love this shade of blue against darker wood)

(vintage soda pop machine)

(vintage jewelry – various crystals)

(vintage radio — fully functioning)

(vintage radio — fully functioning)

(vintage sterling vanity jars – engraved monogram)

(vintage sterling vanity accessories — engraved monogram)

(accent chairs)

(vintage chaise)

(animal print occasional chair)

(vintage telephone/clock/storage)

(Hollywood Regency dresser)
With the economic conditions in the last few years, there has been no market for antique collectibles.  Thus, many brick-and-mortar antique shops are closing down.
– great time to buy antiques 
– bad time to sell antiques
– contact me if you’re interested in any of the pieces shown here.
info @

Stylish Home Furnishings

(gorgeous mediterranean palette for homes near the ocean)

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St. Barths @ Brentwood Countrymart (img)

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Sunday @ Brentwood Countrymart

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I adore the simplicity of these cards.
I thought of my beautiful friend, Bridget, after seeing a bright yellow card with a gentle reminder to: “Shine”.