Can a stylish woman command a country’s military forces??? (Images)

Can a high-ranking woman official expect respect from male counterparts and direct reports while carrying a baby and a D&G bag?

Spain says ‘yes’. This is not new news, but a great example that illustrates how to execute balance while serving as a high-ranking political official:

When Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s new cabinet members took their oath of office before King Juan Carlos on Monday, one of them, the recently-appointed Defense Minister, stood out from the rest. Literally. Carme Chacón, 37, is not only the first woman to head Spain’s armed forces. She is also seven months pregnant.

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New Cirque du Soliel show Amaluna, a ‘homage to women’

“An homage to women”

Skillshare workshop: LinkedIn Profile

Skillshare workshop: LinkedIn Profile

Create a LinkedIn Profile!

Tweet @PrettyPinkPro using the hashtag, “#poniesGTD” for a 25% discount on this Skillshare class!


What a beautiful CV! Although I think all resumes and professional documents should adhere to business standards, perhaps this would make a great addition to a professional’s creative portfolio.

Steady Hands

I’m currently fascinated by calligraphy…Since I hand write most of my correspondence, I’d like to learn how to write in modern calligraphy eventually. Here’s a video I found on anothers’ WordPress blog.

What's up at Ravens March.

Following yesterday’s demonstration, I though the Friday slackness might be a display of serious calligraphy:

I can’t help but wonder at the paper being used there; that great quivering dollop of ink that serves as a dot on the i, just sitting there without a sign of feathering.

Today’s pen: Parker “51″
Today’s ink: Diamine Syrah

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Dystopian Books Again Seize Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21-Favorite picture book from childhood

Favorite pic from a children’s book:

History Of Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dalai Lama awarded 2012 Templeton Prize for spiritual work

Win $5K to pay off your student loans! (

Win $5K to pay off your student loans! (

Women In Business (Infographic)

Women In Business (Infographic)

Women In Business (Infographic)

Courtesy of MBA Online

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pretty pink ponies: "Seven Lessons To Learn From A Market Downturn"

pretty pink ponies: “Seven Lessons To Learn From A Market Downturn”

TED | Ads Worth Spreading | Pink Ponies

TED | Ads Worth Spreading | Pink Ponies

Gorgeous day in Sta Monica!

Koi and turtle-watching at the Fairmont hotel.
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Hot tall boots @Burberry on Twitpic

Hot tall boots @Burberry on Twitpic

40% Off Ann Taylor

Need suits? Work clothes?
Enjoy 40% Ann Taylor Online (expires tonight)

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healthy reminder:

Don't forget to do some yoga stretches and a bit of walking during your nine-to-five this week! Work is no excuse to be out of shape.
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Dear mom & dad…

…Please send money…for…um…educational stuff..
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pretty pink ponies: orange you glad it’s summer?

what’s cookin’?

…good lookin'?

If you are in the market for cooking supplies, we just discovered one neat secret: Japanese-made mandolins.

Much less expensive than their French counterpart, however, great quality for its price point and well-made.

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Venice stationery party

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sheath dresses

30% off Summer sheath dresses

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new specs

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This interesting metal sculpture adds without taking anything away from a modern bedroom interior.
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delicate vintage items + sleek simple lines
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