Blogs is a blog that speaks to the interests of the college-aged and entry-level career audience.

Topics are n fashion, relationships, career, social life, productivity tools.

On May 2012, the Pink Ponies Etsy group began writing topics that include starting and managing an online business. These posts are written by team leaders who run their own business on the largest online seller of handmade  goods,

megdotemail blog follows Meg’s evolution from working full-time in corporate America, to unemployment, to developing new technical skills, and the musings in between. Topics include productivity, social media, leadership, inspiration and more personal thoughts.

… in fancy shoes is a blog in the making…stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. it’s kinda hard to explain, but I like how it’s so simple yet powerful. It highlights your ups and downs and the determination you have to adapt and succeed. I also like the glass desk and all-white combination.

      • I wouldn’t call them failures. Nothing in life is easy. You bounced back to being the strong woman that you are today. Take them as a learning experience :). I’ve had my share of disappointments that I don’t regret because they have made me who I am today.

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